Smile strengthens the team with a successful serial entrepreneur

SmiLe Incubator

We are pleased to announce that Kush Punyani, founder of several SmiLe companies, will be joining SmiLe Incubator as a business coach on March 1st. He brings vast experience in entrepreneurship and in establishing successful teams and companies. 

Kush Punyani is a serial entrepreneur in the fields of Medtech, Life Sciences, and Cleantech. He has orchestrated the establishment of five successful startups, including Spermosens, Diagonal Bio, Prolevi Bio, Thyrolytics, and Avsalt. Additionally, he has launched two IPOs and one of his companies was acquired. 

In 2020, Kush Punyani founded his venture studio Nested Bio, that supports founders and companies with innovational management. He is also active as a mentor in NOME, a Nordic Mentoring Program for promising life science projects and startups.  

In the companies, he is instrumental in building successful teams, managing IR and IP related tasks, and supporting the CEOs of the companies. He continues to have an active role in Spermosens, Diagonal Bio, and Prolevi Bio. 

”My passion lies in addressing unmet medical needs within our society. While developing medical solutions is the crucial first step, my true reward comes from accelerating the journey from concept to customer. Now, I’m looking forward to stepping into a role that resonates deeply with my professional ethos, and to being part of a team I have always held in high regard as a member of the incubator. I am excited to expand my impact, supporting several companies and founders and, by extension, countless patients,” says Kush Punyani. 

”We are very pleased to welcome Kush Punyani to the SmiLe team. Our coach team consists of highly experienced individuals with a wide range of significant industrial expertise. Now, we are complementing our team with a business coach who brings substantial experience in entrepreneurship,” says Ulrika Ringdahl, the COO of SmiLe Incubator.