Survey proving happy village members

Medicon Village

The outcome of our member survey in October was very positive. 84 % of the respondents were satisfied or very satisfied. No one was very dissatisfied. The grading 4.36 out of 5 was about the same result we had in our former survey, undertaken three years ago. With this in mind, we now evaluate the suggestions for how we can act in order to improve how we work with sustainability and more.

Survey facts


  • To catch criticism.
  • To compare customer satisfaction with previous survey.


  • In October, 3,185 current and former members received an email with a link to the survey.
  • 206 responded (6.5%).


  • We did not want to guide the answers, but more capture exactly what the respondents wanted to convey.
  • Four categorization questions with answer options + three open questions (without answer options).
  • The answers have been analysed using Parlametrics’ software and method for narrative text analysis.
  • The survey was promoted on monitors, in newsletters and on street speakers.

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