The Bridge workshop sparks work on sustainable solutions within early diagnoses

The Bridge workshop sparks work on sustainable solutions within early diagnoses

Implement a sustainable solution for earlier diagnosis of conditions that are costlier with increasing severity. That is the challenge participants are facing when joining The Bridge workshop at Medicon Village, one of the founding partners, on 25 June. The workshop is one event in a series of events to spark collaborative solutions on societal challenges.  

Researchers and entrepreneurs will join forces at The Bridge workshop to kick-off their collaboration on a challenge – to design and implement a pilot on a sustainable solution for early diagnosis of conditions that are costlier with increasing severity. They will start by tweaking the challenge together – to make it relevant for their set of competencies. They will then interview and present each other in pairs.

- The biggest value for the participants is likely that they will identify their own and others driving forces – and how they can collaborate, explains Jonas Klevhag, business developer for the Bridge.

Overall, The Bridge combines doing good with increased visibility and a potential business opportunity for the organisations collaborating on a solution

Address UN global goals

The Bridge workshop is an initiative to spark collaborative solutions on societal challenges. The challenges are based on UN´s Global Goals and the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. These are a universal call to action to end poverty, protect the planet and ensure that all people enjoy peace and prosperity.

The sustainability of healthcare globally may be greatly impacted by an earlier diagnosis. This has the potential to significantly reduce both costs and patient suffering in most areas of healthcare, such as complex kidney disease, diabetes and resistance to antibiotics.

- The challenges of more efficient diagnoses are general and universal within healthcare. To us, the challenges turn specific only by the chief medical officer or politician who own the need, says Jonas Klevhag.

Draw on competence in the region

The Bridge not only bring companies and academia together to start collaborations on a challenge. They also link the need owner with the organisations that may contribute with a solution. All to carry an idea to pilot and full implementation

- The Bridge idea is to draw on the solutions and research in the `Bridge region´, not the least by the founding of ESS and MAX IV, and translate the organisations´ work into solutions for the challenges – in our own ball court and worldwide, says Jonas Klevhag.

- To increase the chances that this leads to a sustainable export from our region, we prefer to develop solutions for places outside EU and across the range of goals in Agenda 2030, Jonas Klevhag points out.

Every other year, the solutions, results from the cooperations and new cooperations are presented at the Bridge Summit. The next Bridge Summit is at Medicon Village in 2020. Here, actors from a broad range of organizations will get an insight of the 50 challenges collected worldwide. This time, the annual two-day summit will focus on life science and health.

Written by Tanja Jensen, science writer

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About the Bridge workshop

Find more information about the free of charge workshop on 25 June at Medicon Village and how to sign up HERE.

About the Bridge initiative

The Bridge is initiated by Invest in Skåne, Medicon Village, Region Huvudstaden (Copenhagen region), CR Competence and the two state of the art research laboratories MAX IV and ESS. These organisations get support from dedicated stakeholders, such as Region Skåne, Mobile Heights, Material Business Center, Science Village, RISE and Medicon Valley Alliance.

Find more information about The Bridge HERE.

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