Collaborations and talent to attract investors

Collaborations and talent to attract investors

Cutting-edge technologies and collaborations are boosting life science research in the Öresund region. R&D increases in Denmark and Sweden. And over 200 life science projects were launched or initiated during the pandemic. This was pointed out at the 10th edition of the international partnering event, The Future of Swedish & Danish Life Science, yesterday which Medicon Village organized together with Life Science Sweden in collaboration with Medicon Valley Alliance.

SDS Life Science, seated at Medicon Village, caught the audience attention as soon as they entered the scene. With humour, they went into character of a CEO at Successful Pharma and an advisor at SDS Life Science, discussing how to make the CEO´s project attractive for investors.

An early start, a clearly targeted product profile, a detailed development plan. And a mixed team. These were the key components to attract funding according to Anna Törner and Jens Hansson, founder and CEO respectively at SDS Life Science.

- Attracting funding most often fails on the team profile, explains Jens Hansson.

Jens Hansson, who is also an investor, shares that in the cases where funding is denied, a regulatory expert and an experienced project manager are often missing. Combined they know how to target the project to market and are strict on time plans and reducing costs.

Exceptionally talented region

CombiGene and Alligator Bioscience are two companies, seated at Medicon Village, with a clear ambition and a knowledgeable team. Both were on stage presenting their progress within technologies for precision medicine – CombiGene within gene therapy and Alligator Bioscience within immunotherapy. And both collaborate or partner with other actors.

Collaboration, as key for progress in life science, is something that multiple speakers highlighted. During the pandemic, collaboration and knowledge sharing increased between actors, such as the academia and the pharma and biotech industry, leaving a strong track record in the Öresund region in its wake.

- Academia and the industry have come together and do a fantastic work. Over 200 projects were launched or initiated in the region during the pandemic. This shows how fast we can transform and use our capacities, explains Petter Hartman, CEO at Medicon Valley.

Other panellists and speakers at the event share the same message.

- It´s an exceptionally talented region that we´re in with very, very smart and collaborative people, Sören Lemonius, managing general partner at Sunstone Life Science Ventures, points out.

Written by, Tanja Jensen, science writer

Read more about precision medicine, gene therapy and immunotherapy in the Medicon Village interactive brochure.

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