Digital meeting place at Medicon Village grows in the wake of covid19

Digital meeting in the Auditorium at Medicon Village

Medicon Village meeting place is buzzing with life. Digital life. Before the pandemic, the events at Medicon Village brought people together in real life – letting them to grow their knowledge, grow their relations and spark new ideas and collaborations. While the pandemic put the brakes on face-to-face meetings and events, it boosted the Medicon Village digital meeting place. And now it may soon be time to open up again – Medicon Village is ready to meet live, digitally and in a mix of the two.

The Medicon Village community continues being a meeting place. Our members are used to interacting with each other and supporting each other in the including community. During the pandemic, the interaction has taken a new shape.

The spontaneous knowledge sharing over a cup of coffee partially moved to an electronic bulletin board, where covid-related information and advice were shared next to calls for support and success stories.

During the spring 2021, Medicon Village hosted demo days on hosting digital meetings as well as a digital version of “Swedish Fika” every Friday morning. Here, members could freely move around from table to table and join the conversations – just like in real life.

Event gone digital

Some of the planned Medicon Village events adapted their shape. Sometimes on very short notice. Sometimes more than once. Like the show, Om X Antal År, a popular science talk show.

The planning of the show started before the pandemic. The aim was an event with a live studio audience of 500 participants. This changed to the allowed 300 participants. And then to 50 participants, reduced to 8 participants – to be produced digitally on three days’ notice, with a live audience enjoying it from the comfort of their sofa´s. Thanks to the adaptability of everyone involved and watching, Medicon Village and their collaboration partners, Nebel Media and HD-Sydsvenskan, could successfully run the show.

The Pop-up talk turned into a digital offer. This is the digital stage of Medicon Village, where external companies can book a speaking slot and share their knowledge and ideas with our network, holding more than 170 organizations from a wide range of competencies within pharma, med-tech, biotech, and health-tech.

Also Medicon Village members started hosting digital events. BioStock have not been shy to reshape their bi-yearly BioStock life science summit to a digital version. Innovation Skåne arranged a series of digital meetings. LUCC arranged a digital imaging meeting. And they were not alone.

An increasing number of Medicon Village members started arranging digital meetings. Among these were Neuronano Research Center, NRC, at the Medical Faculty of Lund university seated at Medicon Village, that hosted their first digital dissertation. And their second. And their third.

Retorikbyrån, that hosted a series of events on communication – including one on body language, where they teamed up with an actor.

And Medicon Village, with the help of Betahälsan, that started offering members digital sessions to work out.

IRL event on the horizon

As increasingly more people are enjoying getting their vaccine, Medicon Village is looking forward to hearing the buzz of people engaged in discussions at the coffee machine or at events again. Hopefully, the first non-digital event will be the 10th edition of the international partnering event The Future of Swedish & Danish Life Science 2021 on 02 September. This is one of the many events that are open also to non-members. You can find all our events HERE.

Find more about our meeting place in our digital brochure. We created it in collaboration with a handful of members and JS Sverige.

Written by, Tanja Jensen, science writer



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