The Bridge Summit 2017

22 aug - 23 aug '17
08:00 - 17:00
Dansk Industri, Copenhagen, Denmark
Alltitude Meetings (Medicon Village is one of the founding partners)
The Bridge Summit 2017

Inspiration, knowledge, networking - and action!

The Bridge Summit is an annual two-day summit, this year focusing on Good Health & Well-being and Sustainable Cities & Communities.

The summit offers a rare occasion for inspiration and knowledge transfer between science and business that can spur innovation and create new solutions and development. Our goal is to solve problems! At the summit you will meet the people who has been involved in the past year’s process and make new valuable contacts.

The Bridge Summit is the natural meeting point for a growing community that will make a difference for future generations and push humanity forward. Our two themes are picked from The United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.

The Bridge Summit 2017 will focus on two main themes:

Healthy lives and well-being

Healthy lives and well-being for all is at the core of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. Therefore it is also essential to all sustainable development.
In an ageing and growing population the challenges are global to find new and more affordable treatments for all.

Our challenges:

  • Ending epidemics like AIDS, tuberculosis and malaria
  • Achieving access to essential health services and medicines for all
  • Stopping the increasing threat of antibiotics resistance
  • Reducing the amount of people diagnosed with cancer

Workshop  on cell- and gene therapy with Medicon Village & RISE

On the theme "Good Health and Well-being" Medicon Village and RISE now invites you to participate in a workshop in the afternoon on 22 August!

How can cell and gene therapy be a method for the general population – what new business models are needed?
Cell and gene therapies are about to transform how we treat complex diagnoses today and new diagnoses tomorrow. But so far the therapies are very expensive. For them to reach a large population production and treatment costs need to go down in order for all patients – independent of economic situation – to get treated. This workshop will discuss how the business models of healthcare will change based on these disruptive technologies.

Sign up for the workshop by sending an email to Please note that you need a ticket for The Bridge Summit to participate in the workshops.

Sustainable cities & communities

One of the world’s major challenges, regardless of country or continent, is to build cities that provide for 60% of the world’s population. And at the same time turning these cities into inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable places to live. We have 13 years to figure this out.

Our challenges:

  • Safe and accessible water for all
  • Sustainable and affordable transportation for all
  • Affordable, carbon positive housing
  • Eliminated dependency on fossil fules and materials

Tickets and more information

Read more about The Bridge Summit and get your tickets at:

Note: Medicon Village members is offered tickets at a special price. Medicon Village members should follow this link to read more on how members can buy tickets at special rate (Village Inn intranet). 

The Bridge is initiated by Invest in Skåne and Medicon Village, Region Huvudstaden (Copenhagen region), Colloidal Resources and the two state of the art research laboratories MAX IV and ESS, and is supported by dedicated stakeholders such as Region Skåne, Material Business Center, Science Village, RISE and Medicon Valley Alliance.