The Bridge Summit 2020: Impact now!

The Bridge Summit 2020: Impact now!

This is where we go from talk to action. Our 4th The Bridge Summit will be all about impact. We will continue to bring you top speakers, world class networking and real challenges to engage with from all over the world. And we will continue to use The Bridge Summit as a forum where we work together to find real solutions to these challenges.

The new economy

”The New Economy” is the main theme for this year’s summit. To achieve sustainable change, a growing group of thinkers conclude that the financial incentives must be balanced with the long-term interests of the planet and its inhabitants. We will be inspired by speakers that have dared to think outside the box when it comes to new economic models. 

And just like the summit 2019, we will work on real challenges with real challenge owners. Together we will show how the pandemic gave us the push to build sustainable solutions and by that, begin to set the new, sustainable economic model. Let's get it done before this decade is over!

The Bridge Markets

During the two days of summit we will come together – finding solutions for global challenges, like Affordable and accessible healthcare solutions – which is one of our eight Markets.

As a participant, you can contribute with your expertise, your ideas and your solutions. All Markets are quantified, have a “owner” and a “price” – and need someone to take a lead solving the problem. You and your company have the opportunity to make impact and get involved in new business collaborations. All our markets sessions are facilitated by our own workshop leaders. We make collaboration easy.  

On our site you can now read about all the 8 Markets (just click on “Markets Presentation” in the program).

Participate both live at Medicon Village and on digital channels

This year you will be able to participate both live at Medicon Village and on digital channels. This enables us to bridge like never before – with participants from all over the world.

Check out the program and learn more about the unique The Bridge Markets - 8 real challenges from all around the world. Let’s find solutions to them together!

Learn more and get your ticket at:

Medicon Village member discount

As Medicon Village is one of the founding partners of the Bridge Summit, we can offer our members a discount on tickets. Please use this link to read more on how to take advantage of the member discount (login to Village Inn is required).



När: ons, 07 okt 2020 10:00 till tors, 08 okt 2020 16:30
Var: Medicon Village and online
Arrangör: The Bridge
Språk: Engelska
Pris: 2150 SEK
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