The Bridge Summit 2020: Impact now! [Updated program]

The Bridge Summit 2020: Impact now! [Updated program]
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A new way of thinking – and taking action!

2020 has taught us how to do things in a new way. Bringing this with us and building on our award-winning version of #insteadofalmedalen , The Bridge is proud to present this year’s version of The Bridge Summit.

October 7th as a starting point!

Wednesday October 7th is all about the new economy and the challenges that we want to solve. We bring you top speakers, business opportunities and real challenges to engage with from all over the world. This will be the starting point for a series of workshops during the fall.

To reach out and involve as many as possible in solving the global challenges, The Bridge Summit is now free of charge, register here!

Follow-up workshops during the fall - with an international megaphone

The Summit will be the starting point for a number of workshops, where we connect globally and dive deeper into the challenges. This is the opportunity to go from talk to business and make a real impact. There is one Bridge Market for each challenge, and we will use The Bridge Method as the tool.

  • How can we build an itinerant testbed for our healthy and low carbon, unbuilt cities? (City of Lund, City of Malmö, SRC, Serneke, ICA, Medicon Village, Siccona, Aventure)
  • How can we increase access to healthcare without compromising quality? (Lima, Region Skåne, City of Edinburgh)
  • How can we make faster, cheaper and earlier diagnoses on cancer, virus and kidney failure? (Region Skåne, SciLife Lab, UCLA, Atrium Ljungberg, RS, Longitude Prize)
  • How can we guarantee access to safe drinking water for everyone? (Lusaka City, Bangalore, Water Aid)
  • How can industries transition towards low carbon and circular value chains? (Tetra Pak, Tepe, GIAB)
  • How can we reduce air pollution in urban hotspots? (Clean Air Asia, CCAC, New Delhi, Malmö)
  • How can we find viable business models for travel and urban mobility beyond covid-19? (Egencia, SAS, Skånetrafiken, Trivector, ElonRoad)
  • How can we turn more household waste into resources? (India, Africa, Sysav, GIAB
  • Extra: How can we prevent obesity among children and malnutrition among elderly with smart foods? (Igelösa, RS, China)
  • Extra: How can we close the loop on recycled textile? (Södra, Malmö, Sysav, GIAB)

Participate both live at Medicon Village and on digital channels

This year you will be able to participate both live at Medicon Village and on digital channels. This enables us to bridge like never before – with participants from all over the world.

Full program and sign up (free of charge)

To view the full program and to sign up, please visit: 


As Medicon Village is one of the founding partners of the Bridge Summit.



När: ons, 07 okt 2020 10:00 till 20:30
Var: Medicon Village and online
Arrangör: The Bridge
Språk: Engelska
Pris: 2150 SEK
exkl. moms


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