The Bridge Workshop: Early diagnoses in healthcare

25 jun '19
10:00 - 12:00
Gamla Gästmatsalen, Medicon Village, Lund
The Bridge Forum and Medicon Village

In most areas of healthcare an earlier diagnosis has the potential to significantly reduce both costs and patient suffering. Complex kidney care, antibiotics resistance, fall prevention among elderly, cancer, rheumatic diseases and diabetes are examples where faster, cheaper and thereby earlier diagnoses can make a huge difference for the sustainability of healthcare globally.

On June 25 The Bridge Forum hosts a workshop based on the needs of healthcare providers to achieve earlier diagnoses of conditions become costly when more severe. As part of the background is a Bridge Talk by the UCLA professor Aydogan Ozcan, whose research is focused on using mobile phone cameras and processing powers to analyse microscopic samples. Similar image and pattern analyses can be used in a wide range of medical areas such as urology, geriatrics, oncology, diabetes and more. By gathering different stakeholders we will open up for new initiatives towards the challenges that have been identified beforehand.

The Bridge Method
The Bridge Method is based on identifying and quantifying real needs with organisations and people that own them. By gathering relevant stakeholders around such challenges we facilitate collaborative solutions from idea to pilot and then on to full implementation. The workshop usually leads to several suggested collaborative solutions, which then can be prioritised based on suitable parameters.


Preceding the workshop there will be a Bridge Talk by professor Aydogan Ozcan from UCLA on the topic of Deep Learning in Optics. Professor Ozcan will be joining the workshop to share his expertise. Watch TEDx BigApple talk with professor Ozcan for more insight. Welcome to The Bridge Talk on the same day and place, sign up here: