The Future of Swedish and Danish Life Science

The Future of Swedish and Danish Life Science
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– The latest in Precision Medicine and Big Data

Personalised medicine has been a buzz word for the past ten years, but will we really see disease treatment and prevention that takes into account individual variability in genes, environment, and lifestyle? How will the paying systems, industry, health sector and the individual doctor follow the trend?

When: March 22, 2018 (all day)
Where: Restaurant Inspira, Medicon Village, Scheelevägen 2, Lund
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Scandinavia has seen continued investment in the life sciences, and there are many examples of how this cash injection is translating into real projects. In the Lund-based life science research park, Medicon Village, construction of a new purpose-built complex that will house 600 experts, is in full swing and on the Danish side, Copenhagen Science City has developed into an innovation district that gives access to one of Europe’s highest concentrations of education and research in the fields of medicine, health and natural science.

In the past 10 years personalized medicine, now precision medicine, has been a highly attractive concept to many stakeholders in the industry. The Danish Government and Danish Regions have developed a National Strategy for Personalized Medicine 2017-2020 and in Sweden, the new initiative for precision medicine – Genomic Medicine Sweden – aims to build a new type of infrastructure within Swedish Healthcare . This is hardly surprising. Giving the patients the information and ability to find out exactly which drugs work for them, is just one of the supposed advantages. But looking past the hype, when will the promised benefits of these procedures become reality? And how will the payment systems, the industry and the health sector, as well as the individual doctor, follow this trend?

In addition to this, the industry must address the looming challenge of “Big Data”. Every day, biobanks, as well as new progress in genetics and molecular biology, create huge amounts of raw data. But do we have the tools needed to make use of it, and in the longer perspective, turn it into an additional revenue stream? We also want to investigate how the Nordic countries can improve their collaboration in these areas, both at home and across borders.


The following day, 23 March

Breakfast meeting and speed networking

As part of Future of Swedish and Danish Life Science, we understand that networking is a big part of this event which is why we are going to invite you to a breakfast on Friday 23nd March at Medicon Village.

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När: tors, 22 mar 2018 08:00 till 17:00
Var: Restaurant Inspira, Medicon Village, Sheelevägen 2, Lund
Arrangör: Kemivärlden Biotech/Journal of Chemistry & Biotechnology, Medicon Village and Medicon Valley Allliance
Språk: Engelska & Svenska