Gene Therapy manufacturing

Gene Therapy manufacturing
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Getting past the Gene Therapy manufacturing bottleneck in Sweden

Welcome to this Seminar/Workshop which will address one of the most important but least covered areas within Sweden – manufacturing in Gene Therapy.

The seminar will focus on questions related to gene therapy manufacturing in a Swedish setting. Representatives from academia, biotech and pharma industry have worked together in a CAMP/Swelife ATMP (SDP-4) joint task force to identify today’s challenges and tomorrow’s opportunities for gene therapy manufacturing in Sweden. Medicon Village is one of the partners in the joint task force.

The result is a forthcoming report and seminar. Many interesting topics will be covered in this seminar such as:

Presentation of the report “Manufacturing of Gene Therapy Products: A Swedish Perspective”

  • Description of existing infrastructure in Sweden
  • What is needed to scale up manufacturing of gene therapy in Sweden?
  • Conclusions from the report

Open discussion/workshop

  • What would be the expected outcome of a national investment in manufacturing?
  • Who could finance such a project?
  • What is the expected scenario(s) if no big national investment is made?
  • Are there niches in manufacturing that Sweden should focus on?
  • How do we ensure national competence in the manufacturing area?

This workshop is a satellite event to the ATMP Sweden 2020 conference, co-located with the Miltenyi satellite workshop.



När: fre, 03 apr 2020 13:00 till 15:00
Var: Meeting room “Fleming”, Alfred Nobels Allé 8, plan 9, Huddinge
Arrangör: CAMP and Swelife
Språk: Engelska


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