Intro to go global – be ready once covid-19 crisis is over

Intro to go global – be ready once covid-19 crisis is over
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Don't Miss this International Webinar with Twins' International MultiHelix:

Intro to go global – be ready once covid-19 crisis is over

Curious about how your company can benefit from twinning programs? Looking for more information on pre- and soft landing?

Join the free introduction with speakers from North America, Asia and Europe to learn more about what the international Network called TIM can do for your business and explore the fundamentals of pre-and soft landing. The webinar will also provide support for companies to survive the covid-19 crisis and prepare them to be ready for next steps once the crisis is over. We will discuss how to balance the need to work internationally whilst not being able to travel. Give companies hope for the future and much more!


TIM to support international collaboration,
Ursula Hultkvist Bengtsson, President of TIM, Sweden
Why is TIM of interest? - Members and facts about TIM

Pre-landing program on-line,
Joan Popolo, Director, ACTION Innovation Network, USA
ACTION in short (members, federal grant, geography)
Conversion of Pre-Landing program to remote – including investor meetings
Deferred portion with Boston area incubator tours and meetings

Soft-landing program,
Martine Courtemanche, Director, Sherbrooke Innopole, Canada
Prepare for soft-landing, HR, Location, Support to financing and venture capital
Help in decision process

Example of an incubator: BioIncubatech,
Diego Suarez, University of Santiago de Compostela, Spain
Bioincubatech presentation, Explanation of the program
Bioincubatech actions to support companies,
Specific supports for internationalization
Conditions to apply for Bioincubatech

Example of a Science Park: iPark,
Dr Toshio Fujimoto – Shonan Health Innovation Park, Japan
How company can leverage an innovation ecosystem for the growth
during times of crisis and beyond



När: ons, 17 jun 2020 12:00 till 14:00
Var: Online via Zoom
Arrangör: Twins' International MultiHelix in collaboration with Medicon Village
Språk: Engelska


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