Medicon Valley R&D Network meeting: Focus on Research Infrastructure

Medicon Valley R&D Network meeting: Focus on Research Infrastructure

A well-functioning research infrastructure is a key fundamental to support science and to accelerate innovation within academia and industry. Researchers and individual companies requires access to complex technologies and often lack some of the expertise required in-house to address all aspects of complex research questions. Many national, regional and private initiatives have invested in significant resources to enable researchers access to highly advanced equipment, resource collection as well as technical expertise to support individual research and cutting-edge science.

This Medicon Valley R&D Network meeting will provide examples from national, regional and private resources available for life science companies in the Medicon Valley region. State of the art large European infrastructures such as Max IV and ESS and more specialized open innovation resources from Leo Pharma Open innovation will be highlighted. Resources provided by RISE, Bioneer, Testa center and Open Lab Skåne will be presented as well as how researchers and industry can benefit from collaborating with them.

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När: tors, 20 maj 2021 15:00 till 16:30
Var: Online
Arrangör: Medicon Valley Alliance in collaboration with Alligator Bioscience and Medicon Village
Språk: Engelska


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