Next Generation Strategies and Insights on Large Molecule Characterization

Next Generation Strategies and Insights on Large Molecule Characterization
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Wyatt Technology Europe & SOLVE Research and consultancy AB User Meeting 2019. This two-day event will address the fundamentals of light scattering, as well as to review advanced applications that are applicable to the biotech community. The seminars the first day will feature 'how-to' sessions presented by Wyatt scientists, moderated application reviews, and tips and tricks on method development. In addition to guest speakers, we will highlight some of the latest hardware and software developments with live instrument demonstrations. The second day you will learn how your colleagues approach biophysical characterization, pick up some tips and tricks on method development, and spend some quality time with Wyatt staff.

The following topics will also be addressed:
  • Characterization of polymers, molar mass, conformation, branching
  • Characterization of proteins, oligomeric state
  • Detection and quantification of aggregates, large and small
  • Formulation and stability of biotherapeutics
  • Determination of size, size distributions of nanoparticles
  • Introduction to the next generation of light scattering instruments
  • Theoretical concepts underpinning the light scattering toolkit, including: SEC-MALS, FFF-MALS, Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS), Electrophoretic Light Scattering (ELS)
Who should attend:
  • First day: Scientists in industry, academia, and government labs who need to characterize molecular weight and size of all types of macromolecules and nanoparticles.
  • Second day: Scientists looking for training or interested in Wyatt MALS, DLS, or FFF instrumentation and seeking to engage with regional colleagues around similar analytical challenges.



När: tis, 07 maj 2019 09:30 till ons, 08 maj 2019 16:30
Var: Gamla Gästmatsalen
Arrangör: SOLVE Research and Consultancy AB
Språk: Engelska & Svenska