Event spurs discussions to benefit patients

Event spurs discussions to benefit patients

Living with patients. Probiotics to enhance the effect of medicines. Synergies between the clinic and research. These things hold great promise to reduce the number of patients and improve their health. But what other hot topics within research and development and innovations can make the patient a winner? This will be the sticking point discussed at the event The future of Swedish and Danish life science on 4 April at Medicon Village.

Many speakers are on stage to share their view on how to benefit the patients – a multifaceted challenge.

In Sweden, the shortage of scrub nurses and nurse anaesthetists leads to closed operating theatres and long queues to surgery. Navigating through an obstacle course in a regulatory landscape leads to a time-consuming path to launch or approval. And a gap between what the patient wants and what the industry delivers leads to a mismatch.

Introducing synergies

One of the speakers at the event, Shahram Lavasani CEO of ImmuneBiotech seated at Medicon Village, believes synergies is the way forward to benefit patients further.

ImmuneBiotech´s work has resulted in a platform based on probiotics used in combination with medicines that patients are taking. The patient´s microbiome is correlated with the efficiency of immunotherapy for autoimmune diseases, such as multiple sclerosis, and also some cancers.

- It´s vital to make the microbiome of the gut receptive to the get the best effect of medicines. I want medicines to be used in synergy with probiotics, to consider a more holistic view when treating patients, says Shahram Lavasani, CEO at ImmuneBiotech at Medicon Village.

Another speaker at the event, Åsa Dahm, CEO of the Peritus Clinic that is planned to be established at Medicon Village, also believes in synergies.

- We can supplement Region Skåne by treating some of the patients to shorten the queue to surgery of cancer, explains Åsa Dahm.

Another synergy is with MedTech companies. The biggest MedTech providers have an education site with cutting-edge technology in Strasbourg, where surgeons do surgery, while students and other surgeons can follow it on a live streaming in 4k resolution.

- Our surgeons are very interested in setting up a training site at Medicon Village as part of research and development. It would be fantastic if we could have an education site, Åsa Dahm points out, who has initiated discussions with a big MedTech company.

Understanding the patient

Understanding the patients need is vital in research and development. While the Peritus Clinic will tie researchers to the clinic to develop therapies targeted at specific needs, Shahram Lavasani interacts closely with patients and patient organizations to understand their need.

- The holistic view is very important and I´ve considered information that a classical drug development wouldn´t. I lived with patients and learned how they feel mentally, says Shahram Lavasani.

Within a month, ImmuneBiotech will launch their first product. And Shahram Lavasani reflects over the learnings he´s had in the different phases.

- Firstly, believe in your research and fight for it. This allowed me to follow the path I set up. Secondly, find a team that can support you to prepare for the different steps. I did this by being socially very active. And thirdly, choose your investors with care. I have had the great pleasure working with business angels with knowledge and passion of the area, says Shahram Lavasani.

Written by: Tanja Jensen science writer


About the event

Welcome to the 8th edition of The Future of Swedish & Danish Life Science 2019. The event is free of charge for all delegates.

When: 04 Apr
Where: Medicon Village, Scheelevägen 2, Lund
Theme: How can Swedish and Danish collaboration in R&D and innovation make the patient a winner?
Participants: The event attracts 400-500 leading decision makers every year from all over the world from pharma, biotech and medtech as well as research, the healtchcare sector, policy, regulatory authorities and finance. The exhibition provides a platform for partners and vendors to engage and discuss collaborations and do business.
Registration: Find more information and registration at www.swedishdanishlifescience.se

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