International drive to boost knowledge sharing

International drive to boost knowledge sharing

International Potter Clarkson and Global Regulatory Services, tenants of Medicon Village Science Park, joined forces with locally based NY Consulting AB and Medicon Village representatives to boost life science companies and scientists to develop and fulfil their commercial goals. They launched a knowledge sharing initiative, Medicon Village Business Academy, last week to arrange a series of seminars. Professional service providers and CROs based at Medicon Village will host these seminars – and share knowledge from the available competencies to other Medicon Village members.

The new initiative, Medicon Village Business Academy, will arrange monthly, free-to-attend breakfast seminars to provide practical, ‘real world’ advice helping technology-focused companies to achieve their full potential. These interactive seminars aim to draw on expertise of others within Medicon Village.

Several globally-recognised professional service providers and CROs have established a presence at Medicon Village. Now, some of these organisations will host the Business Academy´s seminars to share knowledge and stir discussions with attending Medicon Village members. Occasionally, they´ll invite guests.

Advice to avoid costly and time consuming traps

- The Business Academy will help members avoid all those time consuming and expensive traps which so many inexperienced companies can fall into. It’s also an opportunity to showcase the amazing expertise and knowledge which is readily available on-site. I’m sure the “been there, done it“ approach is going to be invaluable, explains Greer Deal, one of the members of the Medicon Village Business Academy steering group and director at Global Regulatory Services, seated at Medicon Village.

- There is a saying that “some make it happen, some watch it happen, and some say, ‘What happened?’”. The Business Academy has been launched to provide solid foundations for Medicon Village companies to “make it happen”, says Greer Deal.

Hot topics aims to develop and fulfil commercial goals

Living IP strategies. Defining your product. Attracting funding. These are some of the topics the Medicon Village Business Academy will cover in the seminar series. Steve Smith, European Patent Attorney at Potter Clarkson, delivered the opening seminar.

- His key message was that it is critical that patents support a company’s business objectives and vision. Simple words of advice but without guidance, patents could be very costly with absolutely no purpose or value, Greer Deal points out.

At the next seminar, Greer Deal of Global Regulatory Services shares how it is critical to define your product so that you know how to develop it. Johan Ny of NY Consulting AB will build on this when he hosts a seminar on the cornerstones of an early stage Go-to-Market strategy and commercial plan development. Also, GAEU will host a seminar. They have landed Medicon Village members millions of Euros in funding from EU Horizon 2020.

Additional communities for knowledge sharing

Some other communities for Medicon Village members are Byrådet, the place to influence the development of Medicon Village or Brand Management Team, for those in Communications and Marketing. There´s also the weekly B2B ´fika´, a get-together including coffee or tea.

Learn more

Medicon Village members can find more information about internal groups and Communication and Marketing (intranet link - Medicon Village member access only).
There´s a number of open events and communities, in addition to the internal ones. Find more information on our open website.

By Tanja Jensen, Science Writer

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