AcouWash awarded in The Scientist “Top 10 Innovations” competition

AcouWash awarded in The Scientist “Top 10 Innovations” competition

AcouSort's AcouWash system, which is used to wash and separate cells, has been named one of the Top 10 Innovations of 2018 by The Scientist Magazine. 

The AcouWash is a benchtop instrument which can be used to concentrate cells, move them from one medium to another, or separate them based on size. The system applies acoustic forces within a microfludic channel to migrate cells into specified outlets. The advantage of using the AcouWash system, compared with centrifugation (the current standard method), is the ability to combine high cell recovery with good washing efficiency.  The system also efficiently separates subpopulations of cells based on physical properties with no need for staining. The automated flow-through system is applicable for carefully managing delicate cells where traditional methods are often too rough. AcouSort is advancing this innovative technology into customized solutions for research, diagnostics and healthcare. 

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About AcouSort: AcouSort AB is a medtech/biotech company based in Lund. The company specializes in acoustofluidic technologies, where ultrasound is utilized to separate, wash and enrich cells and other biological particles. AcouSort has developed two instruments: AcouWash for cell separation and washing, and AcouTrap for enrichment of cells and extracellular vesicles, as well as OEM products.

About The Scientist: the Scientist Magazine is a publication for life science professionals, focused on covering a wide range of topics that are central for studies of cell and molecular biology, genetics, neuroscience and other biological research fields. The Scientist covers the latest developments in life sciences, both online and as a printed magazine and writes about trends within research, new technology, news, business and careers.


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