Snubblometer® used to study rehabilitation of Covid-19 patients in Malmö municipality

Infonomy's Snubblometer® is used by Malmö municipality to follow Covid-19 infected users in the elderly care. The study, conducted in collaboration with Lund University and Infonomy, focuses on how restrictions, care and rehabilitation affect the everyday life, physical activity and mobility of the users.

In order to prevent the spread of covid-19, the City of Malmö has set up dedicated covid-19 teams to ensure that as few people as possible will care for the infected persons. In addition, a short-term residence has been converted into a so-called cohort care facility. In these settings, the Snubblometer is being used to follow care, activation and rehabilitation of the users. Staff and researchers will follow the users during their time at the cohort care facility or with Covid-19 teams as well as for a period of eight weeks after they are free from the infection.

"We are pleased that the City of Malmö has chosen the Snubblometer as a tool to follow the care, activation and rehabilitation of Covid-19 patients. It is very exciting to be part of a study that will provide unique information on such an important subject to the benefit of both researchers and practitioners". Says Helmuth Kristen, CEO of Infonomy.

"We have previously tested the Snubblometer and know that it works very well for both the users and the staff. I think it will be a great tool to follow the activation and rehabilitation of our users with Covid-19". Says Åsa Hallén, Head of Rehabilitation, Malmö City.

"This study will provide us with unique data from an area that is not yet adequately investigated. I expect that we will receive very valuable data on the challenges of activation and rehabilitation after Covid-19 disease. Furthermore, we will better understand the impact of society's restrictions on the physical activity of the elderly and how we can improve the way we care for this group". Says Eva Ekvall Hansson, Associate Professor of Physiotherapy at Lund University.


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