Twins´ International MultiHelix – Annual Network Meeting

The Annual Network Meeting is now back in Lund on 9th -10th September, after having rotated among the TIM members for five years. Medicon Village is hosting half a day and MultiHelix AB the remaining one and a half days. The TIM members, being life science clusters and science parks, will share their latest news. For the first time we will arrange an international Think Tank together with MultiHelix Think Tank on the theme "Future Healthcare" where Prof Mef Nilbert is giving the keynote presentation.

TIM members will also participate in the HealthTech event at Malmömässan on the 10th Sept. TIM members are together supporting SMEs in their internationalization plans and can offer on the ground support from nine countries on three continents. The healthcare sector is in focus due to common global health challenges where TIM can share solutions developed in the member countries. We welcome members from North America, Europe and Asia. The newest members joined TIM during spring and summer and come from Austria, Japan, Hong Kong and Spain.

If you would like to have a chat around what TIM can offer you please contact Ursula Hultkvist Bengtsson at ursula [at]

Medicon Village Fastighets AB