Xintela publishes results from stem cell study

Lund, Sweden, 15 February 2019 – Xintela announces that results from studies characterizing stem cells, isolated from horse and selected with Xintela's marker technology, have now been published in the international scientific journal Annals of Stem Cell Research.  The publication demonstrates and discuss the functional advantages of Xintela’s selected stem cells.

Xintela has previously reported positive preclinical results in a horse study where a joint cartilage injury was treated with horse stem cells (adult mesenchymal from adipose tissue) selected with Xintela’s marker technology. The study showed that the stem cells were both safe and they protected cartilage and bone from degradation following cartilage injury. In the newly published article, stem cells, prepared in the same way as those used in the horse study, have been characterized in various cell studies for their biological function. The results show that the selected stem cells have a better ability to develop into cartilage cells and to bind to a cartilage injury than non-selected heterogeneous stem cells. The studies were partly performed in collaboration with a research group in Germany.

“The results show that Xintela's method for producing therapeutic stem cells has several biological advantages, which can be of great importance in the development of an effective stem cell therapy, including cartilage regeneration. The publication also describes how Xintela's selection method leads to homogeneous and consistent stem cell preparations, which has huge regulatory advantages in the development of a stem cell product”, says Xintela's CEO Evy Lundgren-Åkerlund.

The publication:
Integrin a10b1-selected Equine MSCs have Improved Chondrogenic Differentiation, Immunomodulatory and Cartilage Adhesion Capacity. Uvebrant, K., Reimer Rasmusson, L., Talts, JF., Alberton, P., Aszodi, A., Lundgren-Åkerlund, E. (2019) Ann Stem Cell Res, 1(1): 001-009.

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