Tackle Cybersecurity Challenges

Medicon Village

Blue Science Park, Ideon Science Park, Kista Science City, Luleå Science Park, Lindholmen Science Park and Linköping Science Park have teamed to help businesses navigate cybersecurity hurdles and strengthen their practices in this crucial area.

Swedish companies lead in innovation but lag behind in cybersecurity. Small and medium-sized businesses often lack the time and know-how to protect their operations and develop secure products. To amp up cybersecurity, companies need to understand the threats they face. Then, they can set up measures to secure their internal processes, policies, tools, and product testing.

Together with partners, the group of science parks wants to bridge this gap. They provide services like security assessments, training programs, whitepapers and expert advice. The goal? To empower companies to safeguard their interests and stay competitive in the digital world.

More information

Visit the Ideon website and the Cybersecurity intiative page.