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Larix changes name to Aixial

Following its acquisition of Larix in 2019 and Cmed Group in 2021, Aixial Group has become a leading mid-size, global CRO, with strong US and… Read More

How to report clinical trials affected by the COVID-19 pandemic

Regulatory authorities issued recommendations on how to manage the effects of COVID-19-related societal disruptions on clinical trial conduct soon after the pandemic started. This was… Read More

White paper: Optimizing your chances of approval of regulatory documents

Regulatory documents, such as a clinical trial protocol, submitted to health authorities are business critical. Yet, 9 in 10 regulatory reviewers say poor document quality… Read More

Medical writing team strategy leads to first round approval

An efficient publication strategy has lead to an expedited publication of a peer-reviewed research manuscript. The first draft was promptly accepted for publication with only… Read More

How do medical writers support with decision-making?

Larix CRO is hosting Medicon Village Science for Breakfast on 06 Sep. We will share how medical writers join forces with a cross-functional team to… Read More

Humour at work boosts your productivity

Building trust. Improving blood flow. And solving problems. These are some benefits of humour at work, where the release of four neural messengers paves the… Read More

Tip 2 – Keep the subject and verb close together

Searching for the subject and verb tires and confuses the reader. By keeping the subject close to the verb, it´s easier for the reader to… Read More

Writing top tip – use parallel structure

Parallel structure makes complex sentences easier to understand. The structure means you use similar grammatical constructions for different items in a list or a figure. Read More

Larix and AIXIAL are happy to join forces with Cmed Group

Larix is a CRO, which is part of AIXIAL group, offering full service (statistics, data management, clinical operations, medical writing, pharmacovigilance) solutions. Recently, AIXIAL Group and… Read More

3 keys paved the way for successful audits at Larix

Audits can be challenging. However, by being an active participant and engaging in the process, you stand a good chance to have a smooth audit. Read More