Targinta selects ADC-antibody TARG9 as drug candidate


The oncology company Targinta AB, a wholly owned subsidiary of Xintela AB (publ), announces the selection of the drug candidate TARG9, a conjugated antibody, or ADC (antibody-drug conjugate), targeting the cancer marker integrin α10β1. The candidate, being developed against triple-negative breast cancer and glioblastoma, now enters preclinical development.

TARG9 consists of an integrin α10-antibody linked to a powerful toxin that kills cancer cells expressing the target. The drug candidate is based on the new generation of toxin-conjugation technologies. This so-called ADC-technology is based on more powerful toxins that remain firmly attached to the antibody while circulating. The toxin is released only when TARG9 is taken up into cancer cells expressing integrin α10β1. Since the cancer marker has low expression in normal tissue, the cell-killing effect becomes selective for overexpressing cancers such as triple-negative breast cancer and the aggressive brain cancer glioblastoma. TARG9 was selected after extensive evaluation performed partly under a Vinnova grant, confirming its excellent properties for successful drug development. The drug candidate now enters the preclinical development phase.

“The selection of TARG9 as the company’s first ADC is a truly important milestone and establishes Targinta as a leading Nordic player within the hot ADC field. With an innovative product against a novel cancer target with comprehensive patent protection around both the product and the target, our ambition is to enter into early partnerships to accelerate the development of TARG9, thus contributing to new and better treatment opportunities for cancer patients”, says Per Norlén, CEO at Targinta.

For further information please contact:

Per Norlén, CEO Targinta AB

Email: per.norlen@targinta.se