Unexpectedly high interest in events

Medicon Village

With the pandemic partly on hold in Sweden and Inspira re-inaugurated, interest in arranging and participating in events at Medicon Village is high and increasing. 

At today’s Science for Breakfast a record number of 48 guests attended, with numbers increasing breakfast by breakfast. At yesterday’s high profile seminar on precision medicine in Skåne, co-arranged with Bayer and Roche, we had 78 guests participating at site or virtually. On Monday more than 230 guests enjoyed our popular talkshow “Om X Antal År”. And our two first Science After Work each attracted about 150 guests and is expected to exceed this number at the spring grand finale on June 16th.

This is great for both building the Medicon Village brand and it’s position as an attractive meeting point for the life science community. But it also increases the requirements on Medicon Village Innovation to provide enough events for every member and others interested in meeting dedicated scientists and entrepreneurs in our science park.

We handle this by step by step expanding both the organization and the number of event concepts and communication channels. Please, feel free to contact mikael.lagerwall@mediconvillage.se if you have needs, ideas or general thoughts on how we do and should do this!

If you’re interested in arranging an event, please turn to this page on Village Inn for more information on our concepts.