Future of Swedish and Danish Life Science + Science After Work = busy day

Medicon Village

A fantastic turnout at Thursday's Future of Swedish and Danish Life Science conference, organized by Life Science Sweden in partnership with Medicon Village and in collaboration with Medicon Valley Alliance.

At this 12th edition of the event, there were more partnering meetings and registered attendees than ever before.

More than 500 attendees participated in a robust program focusing on cross-border collaborations, cutting-edge science, and clinical trials. The event also provided an opportunity for networking over coffee and one-to-one partnering meetings, exemplifying how we fulfill our mission as a meeting place where research, innovation, and societal development converge for the benefit of human health and society.

The day concluded at our Science After Work event, featuring networking, social interaction, and an interview with Ylva Skoglösa, European Patent Attorney at Aera, conducted by Sarah Lidé, Deputy CEO of Medicon Village Innovation.