Where ideas come to life

It all started in 2012, when Medicon Village was inaugurated in Lund in a facility left by AstraZeneca.
A decade later, we are the largest science park in Scandinavia focusing on life science – a place where world class research, innovation and societal development meet to benefit human health and society. With 2,800 employees in 180 businesses representing a broad spectrum – from prevention and diagnostics to treatment and care.

Decisive for the development of the research park has been the belief in the basic concept – to create an effective mix of companies, academic activities and supporting functions where the entire value chain is represented. The mix is unique and makes it possible to offer small companies the advantages of larger ones. This, together with a sustainable ownership model where our owner “Mats Paulsson’s foundation for research, innovation and societal development” reinvests the return in donations for research, is an important reason why we have succeeded in contributing to medical advances that give more people a healthier and better life.

We look ahead with pride at what has been, but also with a strong will to continue developing Swedish life science, with our 132.000 sqm space, of which more than 65,000 sqm are dedicated to laboratory facilities. As a representative of a unique innovative ecosystem and driving force regionally, nationally and globally. In dynamic Lund – city of Innovation. Where ideas come to life and the future is born.

Below we list two examples of what makes Medicon Village the melting pot for life science innovations and entrepreneurship.

Vibrant innovation ecosystem for world-class research

Medicon Village is part of a unique cluster of life science research and development capability in Lund and Medicon Valley, with Smile Incubator at site as an important start-up and scale-up facilitator. Researchers from academia cooperate with their likes, entrepreneurs and facilitators in offices and labs at Medicon Village, BioMedical Centre (BMC) at Lund University, the Max IV Laboratory, and with European Spallation Source (ESS) under construction. And with Copenhagen airport and the rest of the world only 45 min away by train.

Entire health chain within walking distance

Important to facilitate innovation from concept to realisation of a life science product, process or service is Medicon Village’s geographical localization, with walking distance to one of Sweden’s largest hospitals, Skåne University Hospital in Lund, and it’s Biomedical Centre (BMC) where experimental medical research with a clinical orientation is being conducted. Additionally, we have the entire health chain represented at the site – from prevention and diagnostics to treatment and care by three different clinics:

  • Peritus Clinic is a world-class hospital focusing on urology care, fully equipped with the latest diagnostic, imaging and surgical technologies offering four operating theatres, of which one is equipped with the latest DaVinci robotic surgery platform, and an advanced diagnostics department with the latest imaging technology including PET-CT and MRI.
  • Region Skåne runs a clinic in the same building as Lund University Division of Occupational and Environmental Medicine, to maintain and develop the world-unique biobanks that form the basis of internationally recognized research. One of these biobanks contain 250,000 samples taken in early pregnancy since 1989, enabling research to identify patterns in what lies behind disease from the fetal stage onwards.
  • Kry Health Centre has a primary care focus, offering service from doctors, psychologists, physiotherapists, dieticians, occupational therapists and nurses with different specializations.


SmiLe IncubatorEbba Fåhraeus, CEO at SmiLe IncubatorSymbiosis helps increase profitability

The SmiLe Incubator helps life science entrepreneurs and startups to develop and commercialise their products and services. Research-focused companies have access to fully equipped wet labs and cell culture rooms, in addition to general offices and meeting rooms. For Ebba Fåhraeus, Medicon Village is the perfect location for SmiLe’s consultancy services. With many experts in the same place and active in the same industry, new collaborations and business opportunities arise – in a symbiotic relationship that promotes growth and profitability for all involved.