A dynamic community that promotes research and business

The collaboration between academia, government, and industry, often referred to as the “Triple Helix,” serves as the foundation for Medicon Village’s consistent growth. Year after year, this collaborative approach brings together researchers, innovators, and entrepreneurs, alongside facilitators who represent the diverse spectrum of life sciences – encompassing prevention, diagnostics, treatment, and care.

From providing space and hosting meetings to fostering partnerships

Within our community of 180 companies and organizations, several offer invaluable support services such as financial, legal, and marketing assistance. These services aid our members in navigating various business aspects and achieving their objectives. Through the establishment of a comprehensive innovation ecosystem, we facilitate an unbroken progression from initial concepts to fully realized products and services.

Our approach operates across four tiers:

  • Premises: We offer office and laboratory spaces equipped with top-tier infrastructure and efficient facility management.
  • Venue: We facilitate gatherings, seminars, conferences, and other industry-related events.
  • Innovation Support: Our efforts encompass the creation of collaborative workgroups, networking events, training programs, round-table discussions, investor meetings, and tailored startup/scaleup initiatives. These initiatives are designed in response to industry-specific challenges at the local, regional, and national levels.
  • Cooperation: Serving as a catalyst and driver, we actively encourage the establishment of national and international centers/operations, strategic research endeavors, and investments in capital acquisition and talent attraction. Additionally, we represent the industry in various regional, national, and international forums.

Business opportunities at Medicon Village

Numerous enterprises are keen on broadening their life science endeavors in the Nordic region, leveraging our science park as a launchpad. To delve into the array of business prospects we extend, we have crafted a presentation outlining our “soft landing” approach, tailored to international life science enterprises aiming to enter the market. Moreover, we highlight our Supporting Partner initiative and an array of event configurations.

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