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Annually, SwedenBio publishes a Life Science Barometer report that takes the temperature of Swedish life science, and its results are used to influence decision makers and to describe and promote the Swedish life science ecosystem internationally.

This year, Medicon Village is joining forces with SwedenBIO, STUNS Life Science, Stockholm Science City, and Sahlgrenska Science Park, and the initiative will feature a stronger emphasis on regional results. Medicon Village is taking the lead for the Skåne portion, with regional findings to be published in Q1 2024 following the release of the national results.

Your voice matters in representing life science in Skåne

Skåne is a strong motor for Swedish life science – a 2020 study by Öresundsinstitutet and Medicon Valley Alliance showed that there are more than 400 life science companies in Skåne, with 90+ of them being founded since 2015. The life science industry is also a major employer in Skåne, with 7 500 working in the private life science sector in the region and more than half of them within the medtech branch. Last year’s Swedish Drug Development and Pipeline report by SwedenBio further highlighted how Skåne punches above its weight as Sweden’s second largest region for domestic drug discovery and development.

A robust Skåne participation in the Barometer report is therefore key in ensuring that the regional perspective is well represented, which will allow the sector to be better supported by fact and figures in decision making, both at a company but also at a policy level.

“We welcome the survey, which will provide policy makers with up-to-date data on the industry in Sweden,” says Jeanette Edblad, head of the Life Science Office at the Government Offices.

“A key theme in this year’s survey is to highlight how life science companies are navigating the current economic climate, and to ensure that they get the best conditions needed to not just survive, but thrive and emerge stronger. I’m therefore glad that we can join forces with other key ecosystems in life science in Sweden to ensure a data-driven approach to policy and decision making in life sciences in Sweden, both at national and regional levels,” says Sarah Lidé, Deputy CEO at Medicon Village Innovation who is coordinating the Skåne contribution.

How to participate

The survey is aimed at strategic leaders (CEOs or similar) of any company or organisation within life sciences, and can be filled out here: (deadline 5 Nov; estimated time 10-15 min)

If you have questions, you’re most welcome to contact Maja Neiman, Science Director at SwedenBIO and who is leading the initiative (, or Sarah Lidé, Deputy CEO at Medicon Village Innovation (

More information about the Barometer can be found here:

You can also get an overview of last year’s key findings in the graphic above (or download graphic here).