Medicon Village founder Mats Paulsson awarded by Lund municipality

Medicon Village

At the annual Lund municipality ceremonial event last Friday, Mats Paulsson was awarded the municipality's special merit emblem with the following motivation by Mats Helmfrid:

"Lund municipality wants to recognize Mats Paulsson for his contributions that have increased research within life science and strengthened innovation environments in Lund, benefiting both Lund and Skåne.

On Tuesday, March 2, 2010, Lund municipality received the news that AstraZeneca would leave Lund in December 2011. In 2011, ”Mats Paulsson’s Foundation for Research, Innovation and Societal Development" was created through a private donation from Mats. The foundation established the science park Medicon Village, which took over AstraZeneca's properties in Lund.

Through significant personal commitment from Mats, good collaboration with public entities, knowledgeable advisors, and competent employees, the foundation's vision has been realized. Today, more than a decade since the operations started, many more people work at Medicon Village than at AstraZeneca in Lund in 2010.

The surplus from Medicon Village's operations and the returns from the foundation go back to research, for example, at Lund University. In 2022, nearly 16 million SEK was distributed."

We are proud that the municipality recognizes the initiator of the public foundation that owns Medicon Village in this way, thereby indirectly emphasizing the significance of our operations as a vibrant part of the innovation environment in our city.