Medicon Village’s Quality Assurance Network

Quality Assurance Network


The network is a forum where members actively exchange experiences and share expertise on QA-related issues from their daily assignments.


  • The network is aimed at QA specialists and people who work with QA-related tasks at activities focused on Life Science at Medicon Village and in the neighborhood.
  • The network is a competence forum and not intended for marketing services.
  • Information shared during meetings is not intended to be disseminated, unless expressly stated.
  • Attendance at meetings is limited to two people per business.
  • Meetings in English or Swedish (Swedish is spoken when only Swedish speakers participate).
  • No Medicon Village membership requirement.
  • No membership fees.


About eight physical meetings per year. Since the purpose of our network is knowledge sharing and building relationships through networking, meetings are conducted digitally only in exceptional cases.


Meeting invitations are sent by email to network members.


The steering group consists of Nelly Fransén (Arex Advisor), Viola Hassinen (Arex Advisor), Christina Kuljis (Zambon), Lina Åkesson (Camurus) and Esteban Sanchez Marquez (Suturion). The contact person is Nelly Fransén (


The QA-network offers a great opportunity for further development and new connections. I am impressed by the knowledge, energy and engagement there is in the group and the openness to share and discuss around QA-topics.

Nelly Fransén, Arex Advisor and member of the QA-Network.


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