Medicon Village’s Regulatory Affairs Network

Regulatory Affairs NetworkPurpose

The network is a forum where members actively exchange experiences and share expertise on RA-related issues from their daily assignments. The network is divided into two subgroups; RA MedTech (medical equipment/combination product) and RA Pharmaceuticals.


  • The network is aimed at employees working with RA at organisations focused on medical equipment and/or pharmaceuticals at Medicon Village and in the neighborhood.
  • Attendance at meetings is limited to one member per business.
  • The network is a competence forum and not intended for marketing services.
  • Information shared during meetings is not intended to be disseminated, unless expressly stated.
  • No Medicon Village membership requirement.
  • No membership fees.


Each subgroup meet 3-4 times per semester during lunchtime, of which one is shared with both RA MedTech and RA Pharma present. As the purpose with our network is knowledge sharing and building relationships through networking, meetings are conducted digitally only in exceptional cases.


Meeting invitations are sent by email to network members.


The steering group for RA Pharma consists of Matilda Hugerth (Xinnate) and Annette Mattsson (Camurus). The contact person is Matilda Hugerth (

The steering group for RA MedTech consists of Marie Grey (SKÅNESTOR) and Ulrika Andersson (Colzyx). The contact persons are Marie Grey ( and Ulrika Andersson (

I have taken part in the RA network for a year now. The network meetings have given me a lot! There have been interesting seminars, but above all the meetings are the perfect opportunity to discuss daily issues in a forum where everyone shares their own experiences and is eager to help.

Charlotte Oom, Cellavision and member of the RA Medtech Network


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