Room for
First floor

The name of the room refers to May-Britt Moser, who in 2014 was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine together with Edvard I. Moser for their disco-very of cells that make up a positioning system in the brain. The venue was previously called Vångavallen. MAY-BRITT is sometimes used for lunch service, whereby some crosstalk may occur.

  • Seating Style
    The room has a fixed board seating for 7 persons. There are two more chairs in the room.
  • Location
    The conference room is located in the Inspira building on the first floor.
  • Refreshments
    Preordered refreschments will be placed outside the conference room at the agreed time of your choice.
  • Equipment
    Projector with HDMI input, Speakers. Wifi. White board. Eduroam access. You must bring your own computer.

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