Paindrainer AB launches a pioneering Remote Therapeutic Monitoring (RTM) platform for innovative chronic pain management


MEDICON VILLAGE, LUND, SWEDEN – Paindrainer AB, a forerunner in digital medical device solutions for chronic pain, is pleased to introduce the Paindrainer Care Portal, which together with the Paindrainer PD1 mobile application offers a complete solution for health care professionals to remotely monitor their patients’ progress and improve their quality of life.

The utilization of a remote therapeutic monitoring platform will provide health care professionals with important insights into how the daily routines affects the health of their patients. This will facilitate the creation of improved personalized care plans, ensure adherence, enhance patient outcomes, and even optimize staff efficiency while improving care for patients in their homes.

”The Paindrainer Care Portal propels our commitment to transforming chronic pain management. With this caregiver portal, we offer a comprehensive digital solution facilitating the efficient establishment of patient rehabilitation plans and real-time progress monitoring, launching a new era in our international expansion. In collaboration with healthcare professionals, we are excited to leverage innovative technologies to empower both providers and patients.”, says Erik Frick, CEO Paindrainer AB.

Paindrainer AB has recently signed a commercial partnership agreement with Dr. Edward Rubin, Past President of The New York Society of Interventional Pain Physicians and currently running a private practice on Long Island, New York, U.S.

“Paindrainer allows pain practitioners the capability to remotely monitor their patient’s progress during treatment. This patient-centric digital tool empowers patients to stay in daily communication with their treating physician. We can only manage what we can measure. The future of health care reimbursement depends on our ability to provide data surrounding our treatment outcomes.”, says Dr. Ed Rubin.

The Paindrainer® PD1 mobile application is the first evidence based, AI-powered digital tool demonstrating improved quality of life for individuals living with chronic pain. The product is FDA registered as a Medical Device Class I. The solution is powered by leveraging advanced algorithms and is fully adaptive to each individual patient, featuring the unique proprietary 360o patient-centric approach. This approach provides guidance on how to achieve a personalized activity balance to reach an optimal functional level and alleviate pain.

The Paindrainer® care portal is an interface used by medical professionals to remotely establish the patient’s rehabilitation plan, monitor progress, and ensure adherence to the plan. Health care professionals can set goals that Paindrainer will help the patient achieve. Medications can be integrated, aiding the patient in managing their daily medication routine, and an interactive interface, a chat, can also be activated to facilitate direct communication between the patient and the clinic.

For more information, please contact:

Erik Frick

CEO Paindrainer AB

+46 736 61 21 23

Paindrainer AB is a company developing digital platforms and applications contributing to health and well-being. Paindrainer was founded in 2018 by Prof. Carl Borrebaeck, Dr. Maria Rosén Klement, and Göran Barkfors. The idea was born when Maria, after participating in several pain rehabilitation programs, realized that pain is affected by many more factors than the human brain can comprehend.

Paindrainer® is the first evidence-based AI powered digital tool demonstrating improved quality of life in individuals living with chronic pain. The digital tool coaches the users in managing their pain and provides guidance on how to reach a personalized activity balance to reach an optimal functional level and alleviate pain. The solution is powered by leveraging advanced algorithms and is fully adaptive to each user, a feature called 360o patient-centricity©.

Paindrainer® (Paindrainer PD1) is an FDA registered Medical Device Class 1 (510k exemption), MDR compliant and CE certified.