QAdvis receive DI Gasell company 2021 award


This is great fun and we are very honored and proud! We are so grateful to our clients, our team and of course Dagens Industri.

The Gasell business requirements to be met extend over a three-year period and need to be achieved by organic growth. We have managed to do this in a controlled manner where it has been key for us to build an aligned and respectful team of colleagues with extraordinary skills and experience.

Providing qualified quality, regulatory and clinical support to the medical device and in-vitro diagnostic industry to simplify the complexity and increasing their efficiency is truly inspiring.

We are equally excited that some of our clients have also received the Gasell award 2021.

This inspires us to continue our path to grow domestically and internationally. Again, we thank our clients for the trust and confidence. You are part of this award.

The QAdvis team

Nils-Åke Lindberg