Surplus from Medicon Village is reinvested in academic research

Medicon Village

Medicon Village is fully owned by the non-profit Mats Paulsson Foundation for Research, Innovation, and Societal Development. This sustainable ownership model means that the return on capital, together with surpluses from the activities within Medicon Village, is reinvested in research.

The foundation’s purpose is to promote scientific research, especially within medicine and other life sciences, in a way that benefits healthcare, innovation, and societal development in the Skåne region. The foundation was founded in 2011, and so far, it has awarded more than SEK 83.5 million in grants for research projects at Lund University and Malmö University that relate to the forementioned areas.

In 2023, the foundation invited the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Engineering at Lund University, as well as Malmö University, to prioritise applications in the following project categories:

•     Innovative research projects in life science.

•     Innovative research projects specifically in ATMP and/or cancer (new for 2023).

•     Equipment in innovative research projects in life science.

Many strong and high-quality applications have been sent in this year, and these have been reviewed and evaluated by the foundation’s research council. The research council’s recommendations will form the basis for the board’s final selection of research projects that will be awarded grants by the foundation, ahead of the public awards ceremony at Medicon Village on 1 November.

The research council comprises of Ebba Fåhraeus, Karin Peterson, Thomas Laurell, Petter Magnusson Hartman, and Jan Nilsson, while the board consists of Göran Grosskopf (chairman), Mats Paulsson, Anders Sundström, Thomas Laurell, and Jan Nilsson.

For more information about the foundation and the conditions for this year’s grants, please visit:

Pictured: Ebba Fåhraeus, Karin Peterson, Thomas Laurell, Petter Hartman, and Jan Nilsson.